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When To Pay


Tuition is due by the 1st of the month.


Student Classes: May be paid monthly, each semester (Sept-Dec or Jan-May), or in full.

Adult Classes: May be paid monthly, with a punch card, or with a drop in fee

FRDS sends out email reminders for when tuition is due

Please Note: Front Royal Dance Studio does not offer refunds.

Outstanding Balances


Tuition not paid by the 1st of the month will be assessed a late fee of $10.00.

Any student with an outstanding tuition balance will not be permitted to attend class until payment is made. 

There will be a $20.00 charge for any returned checks.

How To Pay


Accepted Payment Methods:

Debit & Credit (Paypal), Check or Cash


Debit/Credit: click the pay tuition button at the top right of this page

*When finalizing your online PayPal payment, please be sure to note student's name(s) with payment*

Cash/Check: place payments in the BLACK drop box to the left of the studio door

*Please place cash in an envelope noted with the students name

*Make checks payable to Front Royal Dance Studio - student's name(s) should be noted in the memo space



Single Student Multi Class Discount:

The hourly pricing is based on the amount of time that a student is dancing per week, not the number of classes they are attending. For instance, if a student is taking a 1.5 hour ballet class($50/Month), and a 1 hour jazz class ($39/Month), that student would be dancing a total of 2.5 hours per week, at a monthly cost of $70.00.

*Please Note: This discount excludes adult classes.


Sibling Discount:

Sibling hours are combined and all hours are calculated collectively. As an example, if one dancer is taking a one hour class ($39/Month(, and their sibling is taking 2 one hour classes ($61/Month), then they are dancing 3 hours total per week, at a monthly cost of $82.00.

*Please Note: adult class hours are seperate and do not combined with student class tuition.


Tiny Dancer Scholarship:

A scholarship dedicated for the young dancer, ages 6 - 10.  This scholarship is reserved for dancers who show a serious interest in pursuing dance.  The scholarship is also geared towards families in need of financial aid. 

Teen Male Scholarship

For male dancers ages 13 - 17. The scholarship is specially for a young gentlemen who is interested in the art of studying ballet.

Full Merit Scholarship:

This full scholarship is given to a selected serious student interested in multiple styles of dance. This award is set aside for the pupil who goes above and beyond during class and one who shows exemplary qualities while performing.

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