Tuition FAQs

  • How do I pay tuition?

    • Classes are charged monthly based on the monthly tuition fee per class​. Please create a Parent Portal account HERE to begin registration and enroll in Auto Pay.

  • Why did tuition raise?

    • Tuition per class raised slightly to include each student's costume fee within their monthly tuition. This allows the studio to order costumes in December and have more choice in costume options. This also helps parents, as an additional costume fee will not be required after the winter holidays.​

  • What is the registration fee?

    • Each student during the regular dance season will now be charged a one-time registration fee​ of $10.00. This fee helps pay for administrative fees at the studio and provides 2 complimentary recital tickets for each dance studio family participating in the recital.

  • Are there any discounts?

    • Yes. If a student is taking multiple classes, the registration fee for each additional class past 1 will be waived and the student will receive an additional 2% discount per additional class. ​

    • Family discounts are also available. Families with 2 students enrolled at FRDS will receive a 5% tuition discount, families with 3 children enrolled at FRDS will receive a 10% discount, families with 4 or more students enrolled at FRDS will receive at 15% discount. 


Other Questions?

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