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5 Phases to Reopening

Phase 1: Offer live online classes through Zoom.  Both students and faculty will be conducting class from the safety of their homes. We have already begun this phase with our online summer camps! 


Phase 2: Online classes continue with students remaining safely at home, while faculty returns to teach from the classroom. 


Phase 3: Hybrid learning is offered. Families can choose between in-person and online learning, with live Zoom classes being broadcast from the classroom while faculty teaches in-person. Limited in-person spots will be made available. 


Phase 4: Students return to full in-person classes.


Phase 5: Events, showcases, and recitals can take place. 


To accommodate our 5 Phase Plan, we have made some changes in how classes are offered. Class offerings will be condensed and classes made shorter to accommodate for online learning. Classes will also be assigned according to age instead of skill level, with a wider age range offered for each class. 


Spring 2021 will consist of two 8-week sessions. Registration will occur separately for each session. 


Spring 2021 will take place entirely online. It is our hope, that by Fall 2021, will we be at Phase 4 with in-person classes taking place for a 16-week semester. However, the 5 Phase Plan is created to allow flexibility with the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic. Phases will be decided based on data from health and governmental agencies. Phases can also step back if needed. All decisions are made with the health and safety of our dance families and our faculty at the forefront. 


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