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The mission of Front Royal Dance is to provide an exceptional dance education to all, while embracing community and the principal that a well-rounded arts education helps build well-rounded people.


The vision of Front Royal Dance is to use the platform of arts education to strengthen and grow communal bonds and appreciation for the arts within Front Royal and Warren County.

  • Dance is for ALL, no matter age, gender, ability, or skill level

  • Every body is a dancer’s body

  • Education and artistry are equally important in the dance classroom

  • Focus on the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development of all our dancers

  • Teach life skills such as dedication, work ethic, professionalism, perseverance, time management, and creative problem solving

  • Build self-confidence

  • Enhance community

  • Embrace individuality, teamwork, and each dancer’s individual passion

  • A well-educated staff equals well-taught students

  • All students should feel welcome, safe, and strong within the classroom, whether a hobby dancer, an avid student, a late beginner, or a young explorer


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