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  • Students may make up a class if an absence occurs for any reason.

  • Please see recommendations below for which class students should makeup in. 

  • The participant has a one month window around the absence to make up the class missed. 

  • Makeups are not allowed after April 1st, due to recital preparations.

  • Please notify the studio of when your child will be coming in for a makeup class.

  • Please inform the studio if a student will be absent for 3 or more classes in a row.

  • If a student misses 3 classes in a row without a courtesy email or call from the parent/guardian, the student will be removed from the roster.



​If the recommendations below do not work for your/your dancers schedule please email for more options 

  • Students in Creative Movement may take Dance with Me and vice versa  

  • Ballet I, II, and III may make up in the same level class

  • Tap I students may take Tap II  and vice versa

  • Jazz II students may take Advanced Jazz and vice versa

  • Hip Hop I students may take  Hip Hop II and vice versa

  • Contemporary/Lyrical students may take Ballet IV or Jazz II

  • Ballet IV students may take Ballet III or Ballet V

  • Ballet V students may take Ballet VI or Ballet IV

  • Ballet VI students may take Ballet V or Advanced Ballet

  • Advanced Ballet students may take Ballet V or Ballet VI

  • Adult classes may make up in any other adult class offered

  • No makeup classes available for Pointe

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