Please read info below before purchasing tickets!​
  • Tickets are $7 each up to and including Thursday May 20th

  • Children 3 and under are free and are considered "lap sitters"

  • Dancer(s) performing in the show are free

  • If seats are available, tickets may be purchased at the door for $10 each
    Cash or Check Only (checks payable to Front Royal Dance Studio)

  • PayPal
    When finalizing payment through PayPal please click "note to seller"

    • family name for tickets to be reserved under

    • If you have any issue with the "note to seller" button please email info to

  • Cash or Check
    A ticket info card must be filled out, attached with payment, and dropped in the black drop-box located to the left of the main studio door
    Ticket Info Cards will be hung on the studio white board & bulletin board

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