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A note from Miss Alyssa

After much thought and consideration, I have decided that Front Royal Dance Studio will be closing for all future classes. Though this is not the outcome I expected when I became the owner of Front Royal Dance, I do not regret the journey we have taken together these past two years. I am so grateful for the students, families, community members, and friends who have supported myself and this studio through transition after transition. I especially want to thank Miss Amy, Miss Berkeley, Miss Jeneane, Miss Nicolette, and Miss Rachel for the hard work, dedication, energy, and passion that they gave this studio, and for the lessons that they passed onto their students. Though I will miss my pupils and the dance family we have created, I am so thankful for the joy that each student has brought me and hopefully for the joy that Front Royal Dance has brought you. Don't fret- I will continue teaching dance in the area. You can keep up with my classes through my Facebook page, "Miss Alyssa's Dance Classes" or at  But as for Front Royal Dance, that chapter must come to a close. I will not say "Goodbye," as teaching in this community will always be a passion of mine. So for now, I'll just say, "see you soon."

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